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P.A.G.E. = Personal Action Global Evolution

PAGE Media Project is an awesome, spirited endeavour dedicated to broadcasting wisdom for Personal Action Global Evolution (P.A.G.E.), usually with a lighter side of looking at life!

We are a diverse group of hosts who share spiritual and holistic information, education and alternative perspectives. Why do we do this? Because we all love to be in service. We want to take actions that make a difference. The question is: HOW? This one such place for us to come and share some personal wisdom with a larger community. To ask questions as well.  To share experiences you might not be able to tell anyone else in your life.  Would you like to find out how you can manifest joy and awesomeness? We do too!

We are committed be in service and empower others.  We go about our normal lives, following Spirit, unfolding experiences naturally and gracefully – and sometimes not so gracefully!  Our hope is that your life will benefit by listening in and playing with us. Are you ready to discover ways to transform? Join us

Check in with our current shows!

Calling All Black Sheep with Jannie Chow and Marielle Smith

Going Shamanic with Jennifer Engracio 

PAGE Radio ~ Guest Interviews and Intuitive Soul Readings with Marielle Smith

Dragon Spirit Radio with Holly Tse  

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