Calling All Black Sheep

Image 5Join Jannie Chow and Marielle Smith, Intuitive Soul Coaches and your hosts of Calling All Black Sheep, for some fun, a lot of laughter and some wondrous new perspectives and guidance on life, love and being ‘spiritual’ black sheep.

Each show is different and we are always looking to deliver spirited conversations with guests, offer intuitive soul coaching with callers and bringing laughter and light to the day.

We love celebrating our successes together with you, so remember to email us and share what you’ve been doing!

Our Manifesto

Everyone on this planet has a job to do: To be our authentic self and, when we are ready, to share our passion and purpose with our friends, family, communities and the world.

COURAGE:  the willingness to be scared to do something and then do it anyway, despite the fear. We are passionate about helping, supporting and guiding you to find ways to do more of the things you love.

Everyone wants to participate. Everyone wants make a difference. The question is HOW? This is the place to come to participate and make that difference and/or get coached as to how. We want to share our life with you. We invite you to BE the change with us. We create environments and communities that have purpose, passion, well-being, support, guidance and love.

Sometimes it’s scary to do life on our own, so let’s do it together. Wherever you feel passionate about going, that’s where we’ll go. We are like mutual funds, sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down, but in the end we’re always moving forward. Because if you love life, we all win.

Two Black Sheep

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