Why do we suffer?

With all that we have to be grateful for, it’s astounding that we continue to not do what we know in our hearts needs to be done. Spirit is with us – always – and yet we choose to disengage from it. We separate ourselves from the knowing and peace that comes when we are partnered with that energy of power and internal knowledge.

The flow of life becomes fast and orchestrated with such perfection if we would only loosen our grip. Stop the mind from judging and thinking that it knows best. Stop the mind from making decisions that are not in our best interest – because it truly doesn’t know what our spirit needs.

What makes you afraid?

What pushes you to sabotage your life?

Why do you judge others and yourself, when it only brings on suffering?  It never feels good to judge, right? It only satisfies the mind.

Ah…the quiet grace of gentle, loving emotions – try that for a while.  See what happens when you love yourself. Try it. Truly feel acceptance of who you are and all the parts of you, the physical body, the rational mind, the emotional sensations and the peaceful knowing of spirit within.

There’s nothing to control or do.

There’s nothing to think about or figure out. You are safe.

There are no questions to answer nor any feelings to stuff away.

For just a few minutes a day, find silence and peace in accepting that you are a magnificent soul in a biological form experiencing this plane of existence, this dimension, and feel the purity of acceptance that IS this truth in the moment.

Nothing will make you more whole than a few moments of contemplation.



Reflections On Living From The Heart

You know when life moves so quickly that you can’t think fast enough about the choices that are in front of you? That’s a good thing.

These days time moves so fast I have come up with a way to get present quickly.  It’s usually by talking or shouting out loud, as if I’m talking to someone outside of myself. Mostly while looking in the mirror.  Yeah, it’s a little weird (but cool at the same time), and it works. Try it.

Remember the big kerfuffle of 2012?? The opening of the famed 5th dimension occurred December 21, 2012, hailing the portal to our next level of frequency. The world didn’t end as many had predicted. Instead we all went about our business, as per usual. And in the background, our vibrations rose and the energy intensified.

I have no doubt you’ve felt the intensity of time speeding up as well. The proof in the pudding is we are about to welcome in the Spring Equinox. Wasn’t it just New Years?

Can you remember what you were doing, feeling or thinking about this time last year?

Now, as I look back at days gone by, it seems that 2013 was a year of spiritual transformation and letting go, sprinkled with just a few challenges. Especially in the last half of the year. Why am I going on about all this? Well, for starters, it’s always in our best interest to look back and see what transpired cuz if we don’t, how can we learn about who we are today and be grateful for the gifts we received?

With the launch of PAGE Media Project in October 2012, it’s become clear that there are some things beyond my understanding. PAGE has a life of it’s own, and a personality that is still being molded. All the hosts, guests and shows have brought such wonderful moments of understanding for myself, you – our listeners – and our community. For this I am truly thankful.

Here’s my point.

Being prepared is going to help you. This means giving yourself some time to set intention each day (even each moment!) to find direction so every action makes your heart soar. That’s where the ‘living from the heart’ comes in. We ALL benefit from tuning in to that core heart-part of ourselves. It knows the truth and it guides us towards our Soul, which in turn creates joy and love and so much awesomeness in our lives.

Take time this Equinox and take a risk – create a ceremony of some kind to honour something of meaning. Whether it’s the earth, your family, your Self, or the air you breathe, give yourself the gift of time and slow down for ten minutes. If you’re not sure what to do, then go to the Institute of Shamanic Medicine home page and sign up to receive the wonderful free eBook “The Medicine Wheel: A Sacred Container for Your Life”. Read the whole thing. Then consider doing the exercise at the end. You’ll be glad you did.

I have been working with the teachers at the ISM since October and my journey is far from over. I promise to let you know more but, truly, words cannot describe what I’ve experienced thus far.  What I do know is that learning to slow down and be present is key to our life balance and that there is far more energy inside me waiting to be released.

This is going to be an incredible Horse Year, it’ll be full of action. If you want to be ready for the ride, (which by the way will jump start around July) then find some friends and keep your eyes wide open.

Thanks for being here today and engaging in personal action for global evolution!



Thank you 2013….. and welcome 2014!

Gratitude is the attitude that pervades the internet these days. I see so many people waking up to what joy and honesty can do for our lives. Today I am thankful that 2013 is in the past, and am more than grateful that today is today – and 2014 is going to bring some dynamic experiences!

On January 1st I had an amazing interview with Michael O’Connor of He brought his wisdom and expertise about the coming year for the sun signs and shed some light on how we can end the year of the Snake and bring in the Year of the Horse with awareness and readiness.

It seemed important to share the Note from my Facebook page:

The month of January is our opportunity to shed the last of the Year of the Snake’s skin. If you have been looking to release and let go of old patterns that you have become aware of, then now is the time to finally accept and integrate them so they are no longer your shadow.

No wonder we all went through challenges in 2013!! Now we know how life goes with a Snake year. We needed to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Wood Horse!

The Horse year begins January 31st. It will be the 4711th year in the Chinese calendar.  Hmmmmm….Interesting indeed, especially from a numerology perspective.

The theme of the horse year is “Saddle Up”. For those who are horse riders, we know it means preparing for the ride, getting mentally grounded and ensuring things are tied down. The first half of the year will be a time for patience and preparation and some action. It’s like when a horse starts off on a run it has to plant it’s hooves firmly on the ground and dig deep to gain momentum. So too is the first part of our year.  Some say that a ‘Wood’ year is about work, or war, or both – and it means that things happen quickly, whether positive or negative.  So being awake and conscientious is critical.

The second half will be more action oriented and fast.  As when a horse begins to gain speed and the ride smoothes out but you still need to be in control and aware of your surroundings, hang on to the reins and steer – lest the horse gets spooked or decides to stop dead and you get thrown!

Your focus and constant discipline this year will be key.  If you are a leader you will be called to lead.  If you are a speaker, you will speak.  As a teacher, it is time to teach.  And of course being in service to our selves and in turn others is the call. Working together, listening more deeply, following your heart and being completely honest with WHO YOU ARE and what YOU choose – these are all themes to watch for, and there will be more.

YeeHaaaa! Get ready for the ride!

If you’d like to hear what Michael had to say straight from the ‘horse’s mouth’ – then join us for the podcast here.

And from my heart and soul, I wish to thank all our radio show hosts and the amazing listeners who tune in each month. YOU have made 2013 an incredibly meaningful year. YOU make what PAGE Radio has become – a community of amazing human beings looking to evolve and to share wisdom so we can learn about who we really are.  Thank you.

Adventures Abound!

Hey there.  It’s Marielle Smith, host, founder and producer of PAGE.  I thought I’d offer up a little update on what’s been happening.

Life is full of surprises and you never know what is going to happen from moment to moment.  The last year has brought us to this point – 45,000 downloads! – and we are so excited about what’s coming down the pipe.  As the creator of all things P.A.G.E., I get to go with the flow and gather program content, even in the midst of chaos and challenges. I say let the creative juices flow!

Jannie, my partner on Calling All Black Sheep radio show, is on an incredible adventure to Peru and Mexico and we’ll have an interview with her when she returns.

Anett Manering from the JAM Sessions, is healing, and getting herself back to awesome health so she can offer her wondrous teachings. We are hoping to have her back for a new show all her own.

Holly Tse and Jen Engracio are continuing to bring their awesomeness and you can join them anytime – just check out our archive and search for “Dragon Spirit Radio” and “Going Shamanic”.

AND as an added bonus, I’ve been doing the SunStar Astrology Horoscopes for the week so remember to look every Friday for that short and sweet episode. It’ll help you get through these interesting times. I’m hopeful that Michael O’Connor, the wonderful astrologer who puts together the weekly guidance that we share with you, will have his own show soon!

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by – and remember, good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget.

In light and In Service….we’ll catch you on the PAGE radio waves soon.

PAGE Radio Talks Divine Alignment


Have you ever had an experience that left you speechless?

That’s what Divine Alignment and Straightening (DAS) is and that’s what happened when I interviewed Tanya Thompson and Peter Manns today on PAGE Radio.

Tanya ThompsonTanya is a long-time friend of mine who met Peter through a number of synchronicities that led to her on a path of love, healing and Divine connection.  The story she shared today was an intimate look into what happened when a loved one, in this case her father, was close to crossing over and she asked the Divine for help.  You will hear about the journey that has brought her to today, where she is now visiting Peter in Germany, and how DAS continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Peter MannsPeter Manns also joined us for the show. He is an energy healer, Master NLP Coach and man of  many passions – including ballooning!  Today he took us into the world of Divine Alignment and Straightening and what it means to connect to Source. You can listen in as he conveys the reason why this ‘healing’ is only done ‘once-per-lifetime’ and the results of which continue to work as time passes.

The radio show can be heard in the window below.

Check Out our Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with PAGE Media Project


If you are interested in attending and reserving a spot at the Divine Alignment and Straightening Sessions and Systemic Constellation Work groups this coming October/November, here are the dates, cities and contact information.

October 4 to 7:  Vancouver, BC CANADA
Contact Marielle Smith,

October 13, 14: Seattle, WA  USA
Contact Tanya Thompson,
or Belinda Leppa,

October 13, 14, 18 to 20:  San Francisco, CA  USA
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October 26, 27: Austin, TX  USA
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November 7: Houston, TX  USA
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