PAGE = Personal Action Global Evolution

Marielle Smith

Marielle Smith

Have you ever done something that feels right but scares the bejeezus out of you? Well, that’s how PAGE came about.

I’m Marielle Smith, founder of PAGE Media Project and producer of the shows on PAGE Radio. In essence my life includes work as an Intuitive Soul Coach, shamanic student, a spirited techie, and the adventures of being a wife and mother of two – a pretty awesome life, actually.

The idea for PAGE came about over time – without a plan. You know how the Universe loves to play games and keeps us guessing. I’ve always loved learning about computers and technology (the mind) and balanced it with over 20 years of spiritual exploration and training – so it became clear that I had to embrace it all.

A few years back, thanks to my soul sister, Belinda, we birthed this ‘crazy’ idea of an internet radio show, Everyday Spirits. I was nervous at first, but soon grew to LOVE it!  The passion for broadcasting exploded and being in service to those who wish to discover more of who we are  became my calling.

Many moons later we arrive to the present.  I signed up for a BlogTalkRadio account and have never looked back. The projects, shows and events (like Sacred Circle for Women) that are produced through PAGE have 3 things in common:

  1. INTENTION to take action.
  2. To be in SERVICE to all those we meet and in all we do.
  3. To help the activate the spiritual EVOLUTION for all who seek to grow and learn at a faster pace.

One thing I know for sure – being honest about who I am, listening to Spirit, and choosing with my soul has gotten me further than listening to all the ‘stuff’ on the outside. You’re invited to join us at PAGE and learn how to listen to that voice that speaks to us so often – the one that we might question – and the one that speaks the truth.

Thanks for being here on this wild journey. I look forward to getting to know you.  Contact me – anytime.  And hey – if you ever want to be a guest or host on the radio and share about something awesome you’ve experienced, created, or learned – drop me a line and fill in the form below!