Going Shamanic

Jen EngracioGoing Shamanic is hosted by Jennifer Engracio, about how to integrate shamanism into everyday life.

Instead of relegating the spiritual aspect of ourselves to Sundays at church or weekend workshops, this show will support listeners in weaving ritual, prayer, magic, alignment with the Spiritworld and the Earth into their lives to enrich their experience of living.

Jen is the founder of Spiral Dance Shamanics.  To contact her and find out about services offered go to www.SpiralDanceShamanics.com

Listen to the Shows

The Healing Power of Writing

The Sacred Masculine: an interview with Andre Leclipteux

The Sacred Feminine with Sheryl Watson

The Wisdom of Horses with Wendy Golding

The Art of Stalking the Dream with Gael Carter

The Art of Dreaming with Marilyn Keffer

Healing with Ho’oponopono

Walking with Grief: an interview with Stephen Jenkinson

What is a Soul Coach? Interview with
Marielle Smith, Running Bear Woman

Going Shamanic: Medicine Songs

Sacred Sexuality Part 1: Saida Desilets, PhD
Sacred Sexuality Part 2: Saida Desilets, PhD

What is Plant Medicine? with Janis Young – Silverowl

The Gifts of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) and how shamanic practices can support someone with this diagnosis

Body Wisdom with guest Michaela Thunder Owl

Brotherhood/Sisterhood Circles with guest Lori’ Black Cave Dreamer

Storytelling As Medicine with guest Greg Leach

Living Creativity with guest Michelle Drago

Power Stories with guest Carell Mehl

Honouring Our Elders: Jen interviews Grandmother Ann Dickie

Ascension and the Human Spirit’s Evolution 

Exploring Your Inner Child