Family Constellations

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What is Family Constellation Work?Family Constellations

Have you ever wondered if your family lineage could be affecting your present life? Are you curious about untangling the lines of your ancestors so you can bring more harmony to you and your family?

During a typical Family Constellation session, a participant ‘sets a constellation‘ up, in the image they have of their own family by placing ‘representatives‘ in the work space. This process can reveal many aspects of the dynamics inside a particular family. In the course of the constellation, solutions are proposed to enable each member of the family to find her or his appropriate place where they experience a sense of well being. A new image of the family usually emerges that could have a profound impact on an individual and the family system as a whole. Experiencing one’s family in greater harmony can influence the way we feel about ourselves, about our family and our position in life in general. This new vision can generate new attitudes that can potentially effect every aspect of our daily lives.

Sessions can also heal different ‘aspects’ of our life as well, such as challenges with learning difficulties, holding back our creativity, or even the lack of confidence to walk out our dreams.

One of the main features of Constellation work is that it opens the heart. Meeting life with an open heart can be one of the key factors to feeling ease and well being on our life journey.

Our Guide and Expert Facilitator

Michael Berold lives in the south of France where, along with his therapy practice, he spends much of his time working the land. After a varied professional career, in cinema and then as a homeopath, he trained in the practice of Family Constellations with Liens Psy in France during 2004-2005. Since completing his training he has been conducting workshops in France, Canada and England as well as training groups in Canada and France.

Michael has a long standing interest in different psychotherapy approaches as well as healing in general. He has been practicing with an eclectic individual therapy method inspired by Primal therapy, inner child work and Lying, an emotional release technique developed by the Indian Swâmi Prajnanpad. In his one on one work he also integrates aspects of Family Constellations, Gestalt and other techniques.

He considers the individual work complementary to the group Constellation workshops and that together they can create a more holistic approach.

Mike believes that a key to accompany others effectively in their process is for the practitioner to work on their own personal development. He feels that his own personal work is an on going exciting adventure of self discovery and gaining of consciousness. It is an indispensable resource when it comes to accompanying others.

Your Opportunity to Participate!

We are excited and pleased to partner with Michael to co-ordinate these sessions. An in-person group will be gathering during the year, from 9:30am to 1:30pm Pacific Time, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Dates to be announced.

Fee: $60 to Set a Constellation, $20 to be a Representative.  There are generally two (2) spots available to set a constellation during the session.  Sliding scale is available upon request for those who require financial exceptions.

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