Ah, the Planets Align Yet Again

Written by Marielle Croft, Astrolger. Shared with permission.

A rare celestial event happened recently called an occultation of Jupiter and, eventually, an occultation of Mars by Venus, and to top it off the Moon also visited them to create her own occultations, thus officially fertilizing the projects initiated by the triple conjunction in question. These are extremely rare occurrences, obviously.

An occultation is when a planet will circulate in front of another covering it. Usually a conjunction will occur above or below another planet but when it appears as if in front of its surface it is an occultation.

This rare conjunction is made even rarer because both Venus and Mars are doing it at the same time. And what is also even more rare is to have Venus occulting Mars in the same series of events.

What You Should Know

This is a time of new beginning. In order to enter into the new cycle, we must complete the one we are exiting out of. Depending on the date of your birthday you may find this period simple and natural or you may find it particularly challenging.

Either way only what’s right will pass. We can count on life circumstances to draw our attention where we need applying specific action. It is time to get to the bottom of everything, to cleanse and restore aspects of our life that are ripe for change or that are not serving us anymore.

Virgo is particularly concerned with healthy living, the environment, as well as feeling safe and integrated into the human community but not without a genuine deepening of spiritual experiences or values. Compassion, respect, supporting and feeling supported are qualities originating from our natural spiritual wisdom. Engaging along those lines feels profoundly beneficial at this time.

Virgo is about details. If we have accomplished projects or jobs before that feel somehow outdated or, perhaps, we were never satisfied with the result, now is the time to roll up our sleeves and re-do it. Let’s be thorough even if our motivation wavers, as the results are likely to provide a level of satisfaction that makes the effort worth it.

This celestial event brings people into a more intimate connection with themselves, the world situation, and life in general. It is as if reality is narrowing down to a level of awakening that makes us realize where we may have been living in a form of unrealistic expectation or in a state of denial with the hope that one day things would be different. If we were living as if problems, obstacles or limitations (personal or global) would eventually be fixed by themselves or by someone else… it is time to review that sort of dreamy thinking. Now is the time to be realistic and to play our part in improving our quality of life or in going after what we find important for us.

Correcting our reality will not happen on its own. It is better to revisit our belief system (Jupiter’s domain), our cultural or educational conditionings too. If we accept frustrating circumstances because we believe in limitation this should be considered a red flag. It is appropriate to explore some “wild” brain storming to stimulate our dormant imagination. If exciting ideas or possibilities that are inspiring come out of this exercise let’s make a plan to manifest them. Now is the time. 

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Photo credit ~ Rie Komoto

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