PAGE Radio Talks Divine Alignment


Have you ever had an experience that left you speechless?

That’s what Divine Alignment and Straightening (DAS) is and that’s what happened when I interviewed Tanya Thompson and Peter Manns today on PAGE Radio.

Tanya ThompsonTanya is a long-time friend of mine who met Peter through a number of synchronicities that led to her on a path of love, healing and Divine connection.  The story she shared today was an intimate look into what happened when a loved one, in this case her father, was close to crossing over and she asked the Divine for help.  You will hear about the journey that has brought her to today, where she is now visiting Peter in Germany, and how DAS continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Peter MannsPeter Manns also joined us for the show. He is an energy healer, Master NLP Coach and man of  many passions – including ballooning!  Today he took us into the world of Divine Alignment and Straightening and what it means to connect to Source. You can listen in as he conveys the reason why this ‘healing’ is only done ‘once-per-lifetime’ and the results of which continue to work as time passes.

The radio show can be heard in the window below.

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If you are interested in attending and reserving a spot at the Divine Alignment and Straightening Sessions and Systemic Constellation Work groups this coming October/November, here are the dates, cities and contact information.

October 4 to 7:  Vancouver, BC CANADA
Contact Marielle Smith,

October 13, 14: Seattle, WA  USA
Contact Tanya Thompson,
or Belinda Leppa,

October 13, 14, 18 to 20:  San Francisco, CA  USA
Contact Teresa Cavazos,

October 26, 27: Austin, TX  USA
Contact Michele Charette,

November 7: Houston, TX  USA
Contact Marsha Bauman,

To contact Peter directly use the following links:


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