Why do we suffer?

With all that we have to be grateful for, it’s astounding that we continue to not do what we know in our hearts needs to be done. Spirit is with us – always – and yet we choose to disengage from it. We separate ourselves from the knowing and peace that comes when we are partnered with that energy of power and internal knowledge.

The flow of life becomes fast and orchestrated with such perfection if we would only loosen our grip. Stop the mind from judging and thinking that it knows best. Stop the mind from making decisions that are not in our best interest – because it truly doesn’t know what our spirit needs.

What makes you afraid?

What pushes you to sabotage your life?

Why do you judge others and yourself, when it only brings on suffering?  It never feels good to judge, right? It only satisfies the mind.

Ah…the quiet grace of gentle, loving emotions – try that for a while.  See what happens when you love yourself. Try it. Truly feel acceptance of who you are and all the parts of you, the physical body, the rational mind, the emotional sensations and the peaceful knowing of spirit within.

There’s nothing to control or do.

There’s nothing to think about or figure out. You are safe.

There are no questions to answer nor any feelings to stuff away.

For just a few minutes a day, find silence and peace in accepting that you are a magnificent soul in a biological form experiencing this plane of existence, this dimension, and feel the purity of acceptance that IS this truth in the moment.

Nothing will make you more whole than a few moments of contemplation.



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