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Our Newest Show

The AM Sessions: Guidance for Empowered Living

We are so excited to offer yet another show here on PAGE Radio.

Anett and Marielle offer guidance for your spiritual journey and provide tools for soul seed awakening. Invest time with these ‘ascending masters-in-training’ and get life flowing!

Travel into the dimension of absolute love for yourself and others.  Leave behind your fears, worries and uncertainties, and enjoy the scenery of new experiences and goals. You will feel happiness and joy as you approach the destination of absolute certainty of what your path is and how to get there.

Anett Manering teaches intuition awareness and ascension via the Melchizedek Method.  She’s been a healer and inter-dimensional channel for 30 years.  She channels ascended masters such as Christ Jesus, Mother Mary, Melchizedek as well as beings from other dimensions.  She has been a natural medium since childhood.

Her readings are in depth and to the point and may include past lives, rewriting soul contracts and reprogramming cellular structure.  She also offers timeline healing, past life regression work and Pranayama hynotherapy for the Inner Child. Anett guides you into the awareness of how much power you have to create the life you want and she helps turn on the switch.

Marielle Smith is the founder and producer of PAGE Media Project and a long time student of Anett’s.  Marielle’s intuitive abilities burst open in 2000 when she met Anett. Today, she is a Soul Coach and Tech Mentor to spiritual healers and practitioners who need web/tech and marketing expertise paired with compassion and intuition.

Take an hour and invest in your empowerment….you will love it!

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Always remember that. YOU are truly ah-mazing.

IncredibleEverything you do, and all that you are, is a result of the choices you have made. Each one has brought you to this point. You are now reading this, in this moment, and no one knows what will happen next.  This is freedom.  Allowing yourself to be FREE to be who you are will give you more power and strength in your Spirit than anything else could.

Here at PAGE Media Project, YOU are our best resource. YOU are how we get to do what we do. Being in service is our mission.  It’s what we are passionate about and helping you get where you want to go is our greatest goal.

Take time each morning and set an intention for your day.

“What will I feel today?”
“How do I wish to be with all I meet?”

Let your intention guide you and create your most wondrous reality.

We invite you to join us each week for all our shows, guests and surprises so we can help you on your journey!